In It Together, Always

In It Together, Always
Joce and Nellie, Sun Chaser's co-founders here ✌🏻✌🏾This photo was taken just before the new year. Before words like "shelter in place" or "flatten the curve" were a part of our vocabulary. When we spent our free time chasing wild adventures, running to the beach to catch sunsets, and making great memories with good friends.
To all of you Sun Chasers out there, those who crave the beauty of the outdoors, those who are fueled by good times with good friends, COVID-19 has created a super challenging time. We've felt it too. Sun Chaser was made to give you both physically and mentally the ability to be the best you and to connect with others. With the strangeness and anxiety that comes with physical distancing and hygiene concerns, both of these are more challenging than ever. We look back at our launch video with nostalgia and hope, reminding ourselves that good times will come again, hopefully, sooner than later. 
Since there are many teachings circulating on how to make use of this time, we didn't want to make this another call to action. Rather, we wanted to remind you that you are not alone. We're with you. Not only through this tough time, but in the journey to feeling good, always. Making decisions and changes that go against the culturally-ingrained mojo is not easy. But we're dedicated to creating exciting, delicious, and fun products that make the journey possible.
Keep chasing your days, however, and wherever you can.
We're sending you light wherever you are ☀️

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