About The Buzz

Let Us Tell You About This New Buzz

We’ve combined dietary ingredients, generally regarded as safe by the FDA* with delicious fruit juices for a first-of-its-kind alcohol alternative. Together these ingredients produce a light and uplifting buzz. No alcohol necessary.

#TheNewBuzz Sliding Scale Effect

This new buzz hits different, so expect a new drinking experience along with it. We've chosen ingredients that work well for the majority of people, but you are as much an ingredient as our juices & ingredients!
Sun Chaser provides a delightful head tingle that progresses through the body. It will feel like a refreshing, light, uplifting buzz designed to help you laugh a little louder, dance a little wilder, and connect a little deeper.
It's natural to see a sliding scale effect, ranging from a pleasant social lubricant to a full-fledged buzz.

How many Sun Chasers does it take to feel buzzed?

Most individuals should feel the intended feeling after one Sun Chaser. However, this depends on your unique physiology, how much you've eaten and drunken before consuming Sun Chaser. 

We recommend you start with a single can and see how you feel before drinking a second. We find the buzz most uplifting before a meal. 

Since the returns can be marginal at higher servings, we do not recommend drinking more than 2 Sun Chasers in a single day. 

Lastly, Sun Chaser will not intoxicate you. So you can enjoy the effects that come from a can or two without the risk of a hangover, liver and brain damage, bloating, the munchies...the list goes on!                                                                              

Hey, Drink Responsibly 
Your friends at Sun Chaser remind you to drink responsibly and in moderation. Consume only as recommended. Start with a single serving and increase slowly to find the amount that works for you. Sun Chaser will not intoxicate you. 
Whether Sun Chaser gives you a great buzz or you simply find it in a tasty and enjoyable alternative to alcohol, we remain confident in and excited about the future of drinking as one where we finally put our health first. Cheers!

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