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Unwind anywhere. Yummy & Sugar-Free.

A Six Pack
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The better way to unwind, wherever you are
we create Alcohol-free mixers designed to help you unwind.
Berry Pom - 6-Pack
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Berry Pom combines notes of cranberry, pops of pomegranate and a hint of lychee for a sophisticated and delicious evening unwind. 

Just add 1 packet to seltzer or water, swirl, sip, and enjoy! 

⭐️ 10 calories per serving

⭐️ Sugar-free

⭐️ No artificial flavors

⭐️ Naturally sweetened

⭐️ Vegan & Gluten-Free

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Mocktails with a kick!
It's time for a better way to unwind

Introducing an alcohol-free way to get that relaxed feeling you're seeking.

A new way without the harmful & addictive downsides of alcohol. Because, when you can avoid alcohol, you can avoid hangovers, poor health and all of the things that get in the way of authentically connecting with friends & family.

Our blends are designed to help you be you, the best version of you.

Alcohol-free means hangover-free

Crafted from nootropic supplements, Sun Chaser allows you to unwind, no alcohol necessary.

⭐️ Reviews ⭐️

Sun Chaser is officially my go-to drink for happy hours. Smooth taste and noticeable lift. Zero hangovers.


This is my special drink. I'm obsessed!


The price is definitely steep so the only drawback is I can't get more of these. But it's so awesome to have this alternative if you're looking to drink less.


We cannot get enough! They've been a hit at every get together. Super fresh taste and fun buzzy feeling. So happy we found Sun Chaser.


This s**t hits different. It feels like seriously high-functioning fun.


I have to hand it to them, honestly, I was skeptical about the buzz. After trying it, I give it 4 stars. It came on faster than I thought it would. The taste was good but I'm excited to see more flavors. Overall would recommend to a friend.


I have always had issues with drinking and hangovers. I LOVE this stuff. It has made drinking so much easier.


Sun Chaser is the the perfect in-between. I can drink it and wake up feeling refreshed.

Joce & Nellie
It's time to reimagine drinking.
Putting people and the planet over profit.
Sun Chaser is a member of a global network of businesses tackling our planet's most pressing environmental issues.