Reimagine Drinking

0% ABV. Hangover-Free.
we create Alcohol-free drinks designed to help you unwind.

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let's be real, mocktails are boring.
alcohol-free drinks with feeling

We're all looking for better ways to unwind. Our alcohol-free drinks are designed to help you do just that.

It's time for a better way to Unwind

Crafted from nootropic supplements, Sun Chaser allows you to enjoy a light buzzy feeling, no alcohol necessary.

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This is my special drink. I'm obsessed!


Sun Chaser is officially my go-to drink for happy hours. Smooth taste and noticeable lift. Zero hangovers.


The price is definitely steep so the only drawback is I can't get more of these. But it's so awesome to have this alternative if you're looking to drink less.


We cannot get enough! They've been a hit at every get together. Super fresh taste and fun buzzy feeling. So happy we found Sun Chaser.


This s**t hits different. It feels like seriously high-functioning fun.


I have to hand it to them, honestly, I was skeptical about the buzz. After trying it, I give it 4 stars. It came on faster than I thought it would. The taste was good but I'm excited to see more flavors. Overall would recommend to a friend.


I have always had issues with drinking and hangovers. I LOVE this stuff. It has made drinking so much easier.


Sun Chaser is the the perfect in-between. I can drink it and wake up feeling refreshed.

Cofounders, Joce and Nellie
It's time to reimagine drinking.

We are two friends who got fed up with drinking culture: the hangovers, terrible sleep, and the long term physical damage. So we decided to do something about it.