two women with surfboards on a beach two women with surfboards on a beach

Our Story

Our Story

Tired of hangovers, forgotten conversations, and shallow socializing, we were in desperate need of a better way to connect.

While we came from very different backgrounds, we held a shared belief in the power of good health and authenticity to change the world.

So, we embarked on a journey to create a feel-good alternative for connecting. One that was gentle on the body and enhanced the mind but was always a great time.

In that journey, Sun Chaser was born.

Our Team
Since launching in 2018, we've been humbled to know that our mission and idea have attracted a merry band of creatives, athletes, artists, and storytellers excited to be at the forefront of the alcohol-free revolution.

Chase the Sun
For us, chasing the sun means chasing an ideal, chasing moments that move us, passions that inspire us, and a life free of unhealthy habits.

We hope that Sun Chaser empowers you to do just that. To connect with more presence and authenticity and to chase what moves you.

Here’s to chasing the sun,

Joce, Nellie & Team Sun Chaser 💛