Our Letter To You ☀️



We started Sun Chaser to fill a serious gap in our own lives. We were tired of the endless cycle: taking care of our bodies and minds during the week but throwing that all away when weekend parties, pre-games, and happy hours came around. We are fueled by the feeling of waking up energized to do the things we love. Hike, surf, run, write, draw, live fully. But we found this to be consistently at odds with the drinking culture that is so prevalent in our social lives. 

Alcohol has become the bad partner we don’t know how to break up with. The toxic friendship we just don’t know how to end. We know it hurts our bodies. We hate the way we feel the day after. But without any meaningful alternatives, and when faced with the option of treading awkwardly through a social setting empty-handed or ordering the next drink, we often choose the option that makes us more comfortable. And we pay for it with our health and our lost time. 

We decided to question this tradeoff. Why wasn’t there an option that gave us the best of both worlds: our health to engage fully with life and all of the benefits of a good buzz? Since we couldn’t find that product on the market, we decided to create it ourselves. 

We envision a future in which consumers like you and us no longer have to make this trade and drinks like Sun Chaser will take up a significant share of alcohol aisles and beverage selections, changing how we treat our bodies and how we connect with one another. 

Here’s to Sun Chaser. We are thrilled share it with you!

With love 💛

Joce & Nellie