7 Reasons To Love Alcohol-Free Living

7 Reasons To Love Alcohol-Free Living - Sun Chaser

Leading an alcohol-free life can be an intimidating idea for many people, so Team Sun Chaser is here to ease your mind! Whether you are sober, sober curious, or just seeking a healthier lifestyle, there is so much to gain when you tune into your mind and body.  So say goodbye to hangovers and hello to happier drinking, driven by the feeling of waking up energized to do the things you love.  Take it from us, it is possible to live full vibrant lives, to socialize, and to be the best version of yourself without the negative repercussions of drinking alcohol – and here’s 7 reasons why. 


1. Show Up  

When you pursue an alcohol-free lifestyle, you can show up and be there for the people who care about and rely on you.  No matter your role – parent, friend, sibling, partner, etc. – you can have a strong impact on someone’s life by staying present.  Being there for the people you love is an awesome part of life, and the first step is taking care of yourself so you can pay it forward!


 2. Live in the Present & Cherish the Moments

Drinking tends to lead to nights of hazy memories and, in more extreme cases, blackouts.  When you choose sobriety, you choose to live in the moment with a clear head and an attentive attitude.  Being fully engaged in the present allows you to savor the moments that make you smile and enjoy where you are.  Memories last a lifetime, so choose to chase your sun with a clear mind!


3. Pursue A Healthy Lifestyle

Once you are not consistently putting detrimental toxins in your body, you will feel more energized, sleep better, and be more focused and alert.  Prioritizing health is much easier without the downer of hangovers that make it difficult to workout, seek nutritious meals, and feel motivated.  Being alcohol-free allows you to wholeheartedly seize the day – and don’t worry, you can still get the lift of a good buzz with Sun Chaser!


4. Foster a Supportive Community

One of the most exciting things about being alcohol-free is that there are so many like-minded people who have made the same conscious choice.  Whether it’s your friends, groups on social media, or a local sober knitting group, fostering a community is an enriching part of a sober life.  The path to an alcohol-free lifestyle is not always easy, but there are many people who share that experience and want to connect like us!


5. Open a Gateway to Spirituality

Spiritual growth happens when obsolete or negative habits are removed from your life.  Meditation and mindfulness are practices that can be prioritized in an alcohol-free lifestyle, because you are making the active decision to stay present and aware.  Some of the benefits are stress relief, a relaxed mind, and a connection between mind and body, just to name a few!


6. Live Authentically

Living alcohol-free can help you develop a passion for life and cherish the small things, like a cool breeze or the blue sky.  Without the haze that comes with drinking, you can consciously make choices about how you want to live your best life being true to yourself.  After all, sun chasing is all about doing what you love and letting your authentic self shine through!


7. Learn to Love Yourself

Self-love and addiction do not go hand in hand. With sobriety you gain the opportunity to tune into your emotions and feel comfortable in your own skin.  Sobriety allows you to nurture and grow relationships, experience unique moments, and maintain a healthy mind and body.  All of these lead to self-love and respect, so you can move, make, and live to the fullest!


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