Florence + The Machine, Sober Curious Rebels

Florence + The Machine, Sober Curious Rebels - Sun Chaser

In the words of US Weekly: Celebrities - they’re just like us! While this may be true, the glitz and glam of life in the spotlight can lead us to believe otherwise. 

While stardom comes with many things: power, money, and access to name a few, just like us, celebrities have to cope with life’s ups and downs too.

How One Drink Can Turn Into One Too Many

How you choose to cope with these ups and downs determines the quality of your life. Having an alcoholic drink is one of the most common ways to relax and unwind. If done in moderation, a nice glass of wine can go a long way! But often dependency grows and snowballs into a new series of challenges, as is what happened to lead singer of Florence + The Machine’s, Florence Welch.

Florence Welch’s Journey to Sobriety

Florence is quoted in a Rolling Stones article saying, “Music and alcohol are sort of my two first loves.” As she rose to success in the industry, now one of the most successful Indie and Bohemian singers, her love for alcohol only grew. Between touring, partying, and everything in between, her drinking became unhealthy, so much so she feared she would die. Florence struggled with an eating disorder and social anxiety, using drinking as the crutch to free her mind. By the time she turned 27, she had become so dependent on alcohol that her mother gave a speech begging her friends to save her from joining the infamous 27 club. Luckily, Florence recognized how toxic her life had become and committed to a lifestyle of sobriety and alternatives to alcohol. Florence has now been sober for 7 years and counting. 

With an alcohol-free lifestyle, Florence says she has been able to reach true happiness. Over time, her friends became sober curious as well, choosing health and happiness over alcohol. Florence reflects on her own decision to remove alcohol from her life, as one of “rebellion to remain present”.  

Making the Choice to Drink Mindfully with Sun Chaser

Here at Sun Chaser, our mission is to reimagine the way we drink. Our alcohol-free beverages and non-alcoholic buzz allow you to do just that, to choose presence and mindful unwinding. Sun Chaser is a drink designed for everyone, whether you’re sober, sober curious, or just want to switch it up. Join us, Florence, and those everywhere committed to rethinking the way we drink. Let’s be rebels together!




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