Rewrite Your Drinking Story

Rewrite Your Drinking Story - Sun Chaser

POV:  You wake up at 11:00 a.m. with a killer headache, dehydration, and a bad case of hangxiety.  You slept through your morning alarm and it’s already time for the bike ride you planned with your best friend a few days ago.  The thought of doing anything active seems unimaginable, but you can’t bail on your bestie.  You take a deep breath before throwing on a pair of sunglasses, grabbing a water bottle, and dragging yourself out the door.

Sound familiar?  Hangovers are no fun.  They can manifest in a multitude of ways, ranging from nausea to sleep complications to depression and everything in between (See “Guide to a Hangover”).  And although drinking seemed like a good idea last night, your texts to your ex and hangover this morning might say otherwise.

But let’s rewrite the story.

POV:  You wake up at 9:00am feeling nice and refreshed after drinking Sun Chaser with your friends the night before.  You make yourself breakfast and scroll through the photos from the party, laughing at the silly mems.  Before you know it, it’s time to meet your best friend for a bike ride.  You put on some sunscreen, grab a water bottle, and skip out the door, excited and energized to take on the day.

Better?  There is so much to gain from leading an alcohol-free lifestyle and prioritizing your personal wellness.  Firstly, your physical health improves tremendously when you limit or terminate your alcohol consumption.  Some benefits include – but are not limited to – improved cognition, sleep regularity, mood balance, and immune processes (See “Sober-Curious: Benefits of an Alcohol-Free Lifestyle”).

Secondly, doing the things you love and chasing your passions become much more fulfilling and attainable with a clear mind.  When you wake up feeling refreshed, you have the energy and motivation to engage with your world and be present.  You can live authentically and cherish the moments that make you smile.  Letting loose, socializing, and unwinding does not have to be at the expense of your own health and wellness.  And you can always enjoy an alcohol-free buzz with Sun Chaser!

Alcohol-free living is a meaningful step toward prioritizing wellness and can make that bike ride with your best friend even more memorable.  Clichés aside, you have the power to write your own story, so how will you start?

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