The Ultimate Guide To An Alcohol-Free Weekend

The Ultimate Guide To An Alcohol-Free Weekend - Sun Chaser

There’s so much stigma around not drinking, around the choice to prioritize your long-term health, your energy, and your vitality over the short-term pleasures of drinking. 

While Sun Chaser is on a mission to remove this stigma (forever), we know this culture shift won’t come from just a better option of what to drink. It also requires better options for what to do when you're not drinking. 

That’s why we created this guide to alcohol-free fun for you and yours. So you really can feel good always. Tonight and tomorrow morning. 


Start your alcohol-free weekend the right way: pop by your local alcohol-free bar to experience all the fun you can have with alcohol out of the picture. Check out some of our favorites here:


Morning: Hit up your local Daybreaker event for a killer hangover-free rave

  • What better way to kick off your alcohol-free weekend than with a morning dance party designed to start your day with energy and intention?

Afternoon & Evening: Keep the good times going by hosting your own alc-free dayger (day party for our East Coast friends!) You’ll need:

  • Your favorite alcohol-free drink. If you’re looking for a fun buzz without the booze look no further than Sun Chaser’s Original Flavor
  • Great tunes: Our Hype Spotify playlist is perfect for pumping you up and getting you groovin’ to the beat. Play at your day party, kick-back, pre-game, wherever you've called together friends to enjoy good time.


    Morning: Lets. Get. Active. 

    • Since you won’t be laying in bed with a raging hangover, do your favorite activity that gets your blood flowing and heart pumping! Do it with friends and make it that much more fun. Here are of our favorites:
      • Spikeball in the park with friends.
      • Pick up soccer, a great surf sesh, volleyball, or a simple run are all great options!
      • Too cold to head outside? Find your flow with a great yoga class.
    • Need great tunes for your active weekend? Look no further than our Flow Spotify playlist.
      • Flow is a mix of rhythmic beats, some smooth and some hype. Bump in the house, at the park, share with your friends. Best paired with #thenewbuzz.

    Afternoon: Host your own booze-less brunch 

    • Instead of piling up at your local brunch spot, invite your friends over for a booze-free brunch with a full spread -- mocktail mimosas, bagels & lox, waffles, fruit, whatever floats your boat! 

    Evening: Wrap up your weekend by going to bed early. Revolutionary, we know! 

    • Wind down your weekend by getting to bed early. Feeling your best starts with prioritizing the fundamentals of good health. Head to bed early enough so you can get between 7.5 and 9 hours of sleep. 

    We promise you you’ll feel even better than an alcohol-free buzz Monday morning 😉


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