Interview ⚡️Drinking Sun Chaser For The First Time

Interview ⚡️Drinking Sun Chaser For The First Time - Sun Chaser

There were so many quotable moments from our conversation with Brandon Scott Roye on his experience trying Sun Chaser for the first time. We discussed all things living with intention, cultivating awareness within your body, and what it means to invest in products you care about.

For Brandon, who currently serves as a Digital Advertising Strategist and Wellness Lead at Google, drinking Sun Chaser is all about deepening social connections.

Team Sun Chaser: You are one of Sun Chaser’s very first tasters! Can you tell us about your experience drinking Sun Chaser for the first time? 

Brandon: Drinking Sun Chaser was ridiculously smooth. The first thing I thought was quality. When I first tasted Sun Chaser, it tasted like a cocktail in a can. The flavor really takes you on a little bit of a journey. It starts with sprig of mint on the nose. The next thing you notice is that is a really citrus-forward drink. Then you’re like hold up what’s that, my spidey senses are tingling. Is that some earthiness I'm getting? It is really complex and we love a complex b*tch. 

Team Sun Chaser: And what about the feeling? The buzz? 

Brandon: The best way to describe the buzz is really jovial. Happy isn’t good enough. It’s more than that. It's an overwhelming sense of lightness. And of course the giggles. You’re kind of laughing at everyone and at yourself because you’re all trying this new thing together and you’re like wow that was a trip.

I went home sober after having this fun experience. I got super cozy, had a great sleep and went to yoga the next morning. You realize after having Sun Chaser that this is an experience I want to feel again because it doesn’t hurt me or my body. It makes me stronger.

Team Sun Chaser: What do you think someone new to Sun Chaser should know before trying it?

A couple of things! For the first tasting, you want to be really aware of your body. There's almost a meditation that you have to do. You want to be mindful of your body and evaluate how you’re feeling. 

Second, remember the real reason why you're drinking Sun Chaser: it's for how it makes you feel after you drink it. The purpose of Sun Chaser is to deepen connections. What matters most is how you feel when you leave the party. Unlike drinking *insert any spiked seltzer here*, which feels more like a means to an end. It's all about how I can get drunkest the fastest. 

Sun Chaser's taste and the buzz are a given. Yes it f**king tastes good, yes the buzz feels great. But Sun Chaser is really asking you, what sunrises and sunsets are you chasing? And how can we help you get there? They are focusing on us on as individuals and how we feel after we drink the product. Sun Chaser really is the only brand in this space that’s doing that. They are really asking us how we want to live. 

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