Your Top Questions Answered!

Your Top Questions Answered! - Sun Chaser

What does Sun Chaser's buzz feel like?

Watch for a delightful head tingle that progresses through the body.

It will feel like a refreshing, light, uplifting buzz designed to help you laugh a little louder, dance a little wilder, and connect a little deeper. 

Our first samplers have told us that Sun Chaser feels like:

  • High-functioning, consequence-free fun
  • Lots of giggles and a sense of levity
  • A relaxing social lubricant 

How does Sun Chaser taste?

Sun Chaser tastes like…

  • A bubbly cocktail in a can
  • Uplifting and earthy with undertones of tart cherry, apple, and a dash of citrus...
  • With an unexpected hint of mint to finish 

How many Sun Chaser’s can I drink to get drunk? 

Sun Chaser will not intoxicate you. Unlike alcohol, drinking more than the recommended amount of Sun Chaser will not heighten the buzz. In fact, given the supplements that create the buzz, over-consuming them has a plateauing effect. 

Bottom line: Sun Chaser won't get you drunk! Instead, you'll enjoy an uplifting buzz that facilitates high-functioning fun. 

How many Sun Chaser's should I drink?

For maximum buzziness, we recommend folks consume no more than two Sun Chaser’s per day. 



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